5 of the Best Golf Balls for Beginner Golfers: Improve Your Game Today

5 of the Best Golf Balls for Beginner Golfers: Improve Your Game Today

If you're just beginning at the game of Golf, welcome to the most beautifully frustrating sport you will ever play, a sport where you can hit 100 bad shots in a round but you’ll also hit that 1 good shot that will bring you back time and time again.

Golf is the kind of sport that you can easily obsess over, picking apart every part of your game, one of those things is the golf ball, you’ll probably think you need to play the same ball the pro’s do, like the Titleist ProV1 or the TaylorMade TP5, the good news is, you don’t.

In this article we’ll run through 5 golf balls that would be great for the beginner golfer, they’re all perfectly suited to someone just starting out and they won't cost you and arm and a leg.

TaylorMade Distance


The TaylorMade Distance is as it's name would suggest designed to travel furter, its a low compression golf ball with a softer feel, its also designed to have a lower spin rate which for the beginner golfer is great because it gets rid of some of that side spin which cause slices and hooks.

In our testing we found that they do indeed travel a long way but what we're more surprised at was how well they perform around the green, the lower compression gives them a good feel in the short game, watch our video here to see the full review

  • REACT Speed Core
  • 77 Compression
  • Designed for Speed

Callaway Warbird


The Callaway Warbird is also a low compression golf ball aimed at giving you distance but with less spin to stop slicing and hooking, it's one of the cheapest balls on our list for a dozen golf balls

In our testing we found the ball to have more of a harder feel than other beginner golf balls, there was nothing wrong witht he performance it just didn't feel as nice as some of the other balls on this list, watch our video here to see the full review

  • Maximum ball speed
  • Extra-large, high-energy core
  • HEX Aerodynamics

TaylorMade RBZ


At a compression of 82 this ball has a slightly higher rating than other balls on this list, which helps golfers with a slower swing speed get more distance off the tee, it's dimple pattern is designed to help get the ball up in the air, which is great for new golfers struggling to launch the ball.

In our testing we really enjoyed the feel you get with the RBZ and we also loved that we didn't have to sacrafice distance to get it, and such a great price point you won't stress to much about losing them either, watch our video here to see the full review

  • REACT core for big distance with Soft Feel
  • Ionomer cover for responsive short game performance
  • Softest ever RBZ ball
  • Legendary Distance. Extremely Soft Feel

Srixon Q-Star


With its 3 piece construction this ball stands out on this list, like many other balls on this list its designed to get the ball in the air more easily and reduce side spin to stop hooking and slicing, it's not as soft as some of the other balls but that's often a good thing

In our testing we found that this is probably one of the best balls on this list, if you're a beginner with good hand eye coordination this is a terrific option, it's dearer than the other balls on this list but the ball is designed to be more durable so the trade off may be worth it, watch our video here to see the full review

  • Srixon FastLayer Core
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • 70 Compression Rating

Callaway Supersoft


The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is a soft, low compression Golf Ball that as its name would suggest is designed to feel soft off the club face, yet still offer good distance, it has Callaways HEX aerodynamics which is supposed to help reduce drag and improve accuracy.

In our testing we found the ball to feel amazing, offer a lot of lift with the long irons and good distance off the tee, the only draw back we found was the spin sometimes was too much with the short irons, but if you're someone looking to increase your spin, this may be a plus for you, watch our video here to see the full review

  • Exceptional Distance, Spin, Feel & Control
  • New Hybrid Cover features an innovative PARALOID Impact Modifier made by DOW Chemical
  • Maximum Ball Speed, High Launch & Low Spin
  • Maximum Consistency and Optimized Trajectory


As a beginner golfer your whole aim should be just to have fun on the golf course, you don’t want to be worry about losing expensive golf balls, it's no fun watching a $10 golf ball slice into the trees or water never to be seen again.

As you’ve seen in the list above there are plenty of balls on the market aimed at you, and they are terrific value, allowing you to improve without breaking the bank, as you get better you may want to migrate to some different golf balls, if that’s you then check out our article below.

5 Golf Balls Under $50 That Will Up Your Game

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